At Armed Sports® Performance we are dedicated in making a difference in every athlete’s life, through athletic training programs that we design to help him/her achieve his/her goals. By offering our youth athletes a comprehensive series of evaluations, testing, training and sports development opportunities, our athletes are exposed to the latest concepts in sports training.

Armed Sports® Performance will work closely with each athlete adapting a specialized program to develop core stability, speed improvement, running form, agility, acceleration, strength training and injury prevention techniques. Our goal is to have our athletes bodies and athletic performance ARMED for competition.


Super Treadmill This specialized treadmill provides a speed range from 0-28 miles per hour and is capable of an incline up to 40 percent and decline to 10 percent. Raised and lowered hydraulically, these unique treadmills are designed to help athletes improve their speed while reducing force at the knee upon foot strike. By elevating the grade, runners automatically learn to maintain forceful knee drive, proper pelvic position, high foot carry-through and full extension with every stride. Its subsurface was designed from interchangeable polymers to provide additional shock absorption. The treadmill also has a specially-designed spotting mechanism and handlebar for backward running. The attributes of incline running, combined with the safety of increased shock absorption, provide the opportunity for repeated exercises under ideal conditions to improve stride length


The Hip-X at Armed Sports® Performance improves key abdominal and hip muscle strength essential for improved performance. Resistance settings can be adjusted from less than 15 pounds for lateral movement patterns to 510 pounds for dynamic power movements. The PMH is versatile enough to accommodate athletes from 5 feet to 7 feet tall, who are both healthy and in rehabilitation for injury.

The Jump-X machine at Armed Sports® Performance unique design allows athletes to take explosive power training to a higher level. The footplate angle puts you in an athletic position to produce force through the balls of your feet, not the heels like a standard squat exercise. You compete in an athletic position, you need to train in those positions. The sled supports your low back and reinforces proper mechanics when lifting heavy weights or doing explosive jumps. Using an exclusive weight loading pattern, the PPM provides variable resistance that optimizes the weight load based on how the body works. The PPM is a safer and more effective way than squats and hip sleds, t to train lower body explosive strength and power.